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Reiki is a 'Hands on' healing method.

The Reiki practitioner is used as a channel of the earths essential 'life-force' and during a treatment the practitioner will either lay the hands directly on the body or sometimes work just above the bodys surface in the aura.

The experienced Reiki practitioner can feel when one or more of the bodys energy centres, called chakras, is unbalanced and channels Reiki energy into this chakra to bring about balance.

Reiki is very powerful and works on physical aliments but is also excellent at treating emotional and spiritual problems. Past life issues can be healed and repressed childhood issues can be addressed and sensitively worked on.

It is a very gentle healing method and the wonderful calming effects are felt by all. It's a wonderful treatment to have even if there is nothing wrong with you and you just feel like a boost or some relaxation.

Reiki can be used on people, animals and plants etc. If you have an animal you feel may benefit, please make an enquiry as they respond remarkably to Reiki energy.



Reiki can be learnt by anyone over a 2 day course. We teach the Usui system of Reiki healing which is a rediscoved ancient Japanese healing art.

We offer a discounted rate per person if there is more than one person to be attuned so its a great idea to get another family member or friend involved to.

We often have families who all get attuned together so they can exchange treatments and keep each others energy levels high...excellent for maintaining harmony in the home.

Children respond well to attunements and the course is always simplified to make it easy to understand. Its great for helping to improve their personal development and boost their self esteem, essential in todays world.



This level opens the Reiki channel in the body and you get taught how to activate the Reiki and feel it. You are taught how to heal yourself and the hand positions to do a full body healing treatment on another.

This course teaches you how to give Reiki energy to everything in the world around you such as other people, your pets, your plants, your food and it teaches you how to clear bad energies from a room or house.

Over a period of 21 days following the attunement you body will automatically complete a self cleanse as the Reiki energy moves through each of your energy chakras.

This process is very healing and calming for the spirit and very beneficial for those seeking spiritual growth.



Following the 21 day cleanse of a reiki II attunement you may be ready to progress to Reiki II.

This level further opens the energy channel and makes the Reiki energy that you feel and give much stronger.

This level is often called the practitioner level as Holistic therapists who practise Reiki have this level to be experienced and knowledgable enough to treat many people.

During the Reiki II course you will be taught to use sacred healing symbols, discovered by Dr Mikao Usui the founder of Reiki. You will be shown how to activate these symbols to give more effective treatments and shown how to give distant and past life healing treatments.You will be shown how to scan to body to detect problem areas.

This level also teaches you to work on your own spiritual development and talks about meditation and working with spirit guides.



Reiki III teaches you to become a Reiki master. As a Reiki master you can attune others and the Reiki energy you can channel to others will be brought to its strongest level.

Becoming a reiki master comes with great responsibility. You need to be dedicated to making Reiki part of your whole being.

Please contact us if you are interested in this level of training and we will kindly discuss it with you.



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