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Lotus Yoga Retreat was voted one of the top 10 best yoga retreats in the world by The Guardian in 2012

From a beautiful Georgian house in Sussex to a Goan beach hideaway, we select 10 inspirational, and affordable, yoga retreats, all of which feature leading instructors




I arrived feeling exhausted and unwell and now I am leaving feeling healthy, happy, rejuvenated and relaxed. This has been a fantastic holiday and an experience I will not forget. The food has been delicious and you have all taken amazing care of me. I love the detail and thought you have put into the Lotus concept and would definitely recommend this experience to anyone. I have gone from yoga virgin to convert. Next time I will come back for a month.
Sophie from Canada

Thank you all for the most wonderful two weeks of my life. It has been so warm and healing to be embraced by the special Lotus feel – and I’m going to hold onto that feeling until I see you again. Keep up the wonderful spirit.                             
Susanne from Denmark

Coming to the Lotus Retreat as a solo traveller with little yoga experience, I was nervous. Once I arrived, I felt I had come home. I have learnt how to relax, be really happy and stay calm. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. p.s. keep one eye open in meditation for the dolphins.
Kate from London

Thank you for a wonderful start to my sabbatical year. I have never been as relaxed as I have been here. Nice people, good food, good yoga, wonderful massages and treatments. You have a good thing going here.
Monique from Holland

Thanks for a great holiday. It exceeded my expectations. Loved learning lots about yoga and the other guests have been friendly and fun to hang out with. Hope to come back again.               
Katrina from Dubai

Space for all. That’s what it felt like to us here at Lotus. Space for becoming relaxed, then open up, let mother India do her magic and finally ...heal; space for talking and space for silence; space for hanging around and space for energetic sun salutations.
Kerstin and Jerker from Switzerland

This dreamworld place is inspired and inspiring, though I’m pretty annoyed my doctor didn’t prescribe this years ago. Thanks to all of you for making our stay so fantastic.
Richard and Anna from London

The best ending to my journey I could imagine. Great, peaceful place. Yoga is not so bad after all...no, actually it is fantastic.
Jan from Holland

Here you renew people. Three weeks of a fantastic time, nice helpful people with big hearts.
Nina from Finland

I had a lovely time I will always remember. Thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity.        
Sharni from the US

Our hut was a delight – soft pillows and a comfortable bed – with nice decorative touches to make you feel at home. The yoga has been wonderful with superb instructions. We loved the food – it was so nice to enjoy fresh salads in India and the banana and honey pancake was always lovely after a yoga class. Thank you for our stay at this most peaceful of places.
Malcolm and Lisa from Australia

We came here without knowing anything about this place and now we have big fans of it. If we could we would stay the whole year here. Thanks for the delicious food and everything else.
Susie and Pia from Austria   

I arrived here all wound up and needing change in my life. I’m leaving with a certainty that I am on the right path. This is partly due to an amazing setting but also to what you have created with Lotus. Amazing! Thank you.                
Gillian from New Zealand

Rama and Claudia, thank you so much for an amazing holiday. This was the perfect place to spend my 40th birthday and see in the New Year.                            
Donna from Scotland

Our stay was full of great encounters, yoga and kindness. We have found here exactly what we were looking for which is rather amazing. Thank you for having put together such a laid-back and enchanting place.                                      
Marie-Helene and Christian from France

Thank you for a great stay! You’ve got something really special here. Keep it up.                          
Magnus from Sweden

Lotus Yoga Lounge – arrival in a little paradise! From the first moment Claudia and Rama make you feel extremely welcome, the whole atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed and friendly. There is a variety of yoga teachers and style, the yoga area is very nice. The whole resort is set up with an eye for detail, the food is great, the staff so helpful and nice. I only wish I could stay longer! A beginner in yoga, the week has been inspiring and sporty, while relaxing and recovering. Thank you for everything!!  
Susan from the UK

WOW! What an experience. It was my first time at Lotus, first time in Goa, first time in India. And I’m so happy that I fell off my cloud onto this tiny place on earth. The circle of love, the crowd at Lotus was amazing. They were more than other guests, friends on the same road, everybody working for something and helping the others to find it. Yoga, massages, the beach, the food – amazing, amazing, amazing. I’ll come back for sure.    
Inken from Germany

To everyone at Lotus, you have all helped in creating a magical place in the most beautiful setting. The food, music, yoga and company have all been superb. We leave feeling strengthened; stretched and invigorated with the feeling we have true friends in Goa.      
Gail and Simon - UK

Everything is right: ambiance, people, food, yoga, swimming, relaxation and excellent service.  Iris - Suisse

A day in the lotus life: Wake up in the prettiest, best located coco hut in South Goa. Enjoy a morning yoga class, watching the sun rise. Take a post-yoga morning dip and be amazed by crystal clear water. Breakfast is amazing, lunch is fantastic. Have a massage. Suntan. Lounge. Swim. Have a masala chai. Read. Or do nothing. But be sure to sit on the deck of the coco hut and watch the sunset. Anna and Jonas - Sweden

Thanks for the most enthusiastic good mornings we’ve ever heard, for the delicious food, for exploring the most beautiful deserted beaches with us, for making us feel at home, for all the smiles, for the stylish environment you’ve created at Lotus and making it so difficult for us to leave.   Linda - Hollland

Thank you for making me feel so welcome. Thank you for making me feel safe. Thank you for the incredible food. Most of all thank you for your friendship, I will cherish my time here in Goa and hope to see you all before long.                    
Vicky - UK

Thank you all for a wonderful stay. The yoga has been great, the food fantastic and the vibe one of the best I’ve ever had.  Brandon - Australia 

Un bel endroit encore naturel, un acceuil sympathique, un service aimable, nous repartons avec un doux souvenir ensoleillé. A recommander à des amis.    Patricia - France

Thank you so much for making my stay feel like home but with more sunshine, more sea, better food and a lot of happiness. Flavia - Suisse

Thanks to everyone at Lotus for a phenomenal week of yoga and relaxation. The food, the environment and the friendship were all unforgettable. Thank you so much. Ritik - USA

Thank you all so very much for the most restful, relaxing and restorative vacation of my life! And for the cooking classes, yoga, music and friendship!  Stephanie - Norway

Es lo ideal para un descanso total. Ojala otro año podamos disfrutar este ambiente.  Carlos - Chile

How wonderful to practice yoga in a peaceful, pleasant atmosphere. JoAnn, Carol and Doris - Canada

Thank you SO much for a wonderful experience. We WILL be back.    Marlene and Greg - USA

Dear Lotus family. Thank you for an amazing time. Great food and servings and the boys made everything possible. They even jump on the bike to get you a bottle of wine. Best birthday surprise ever as we opened the door to the hut in the morning and it was beautifully decortated with flowers. We enjoyed every day.Sam, Esther and Marjo

Thank you for such a peaceful and stretching stay! I’ve loved hanging out in such a friendly atmosphere. See you again the New Year.  
Gemma - UK

We had a wonderful time and are grateful that we could be right in a very natural surrounding.    
Nritya - Germany

Amazing spot and one of the best Christmas and New Year’s I’ve ever had in great company. Jo

Two weeks became three, became four…and now we’re staying even longer. Thank you for all the different sides of Indian, Nepalese, Swiss and Spanish life you’ve shown us.   Ramon

I felt totally at home at Lotus. From day one I was at ease and fell into a peaceful, healthy routine. I was sad to leave and I hope to see you all again. Lotus is not a resort, it is more like a family. Thank you so much for making me feel a part it. Thank you for helping to make my stay in Goa a special and spiritual experience. You are truly in a very special place, I wish I was still there.     Suki

Thank you very much for making my week in Goa such a relaxing and enlightening break. I’ve really enjoyed experiencing the warmth you share with every one of your guests. I suspect I may be a yoga addict after my few sessions here and wish I could stay longer. Which I guess means I will have to come back to this great place (and the wonderful food).  Charlotte.

Liebe Rama und alle anderen, die unseren Aufenthalt hier so unvergesslich gemacht haben. Wir danken euch für das tolle Essen, die 'anstrengenden' aber sehr entspannenden Yoga Stunden und eure Gastfreundschaft. Miriam und Anni - Suisse

Wunderschönes Plätzchen, sehr angenehme Gäste und eine Küche die wir vermissen werden.  Ste und Muriel

Thank you so much for all your hospitality. I have had an amazing and very relaxing break. Next time I will stay longer. I will miss my daily snooze on the hammock. Thank you everybody at Lotus. Kevin

Eine wunderschöne, entspannte Zeit für mich. Vielen dank an Claudia, Rama und vorallem die Jungs. Lotus ist ein besonderer Ort.....Warme, herzliche Atmosphäre, schöne, saubere Anlage, eine Staff die all Wünsche erfüllt. Bis zum nächsten Mal!!!! Irene - Germany

Dear Rama and all the ‘boys’, thank you for all your care and consideration during our stay at Lotus! Thank you for welcoming us with open arms; we will definitely recommend your wonderful hospitality. Bali and the boys are excellent hosts, and the food was unforgettable. Dorothy - Vancover p.s thanks for the trip to the ‘secret beach’.

To everyone at Lotus, It took literally half an hour to decompress from city life and get into the groove at Lotus. It has been one of my most beautiful and enjoyable holidays to date. From the fun, affectionate stuff to the ‘amazing, amazing’ food and gorgeous yoga deck – it was a very memorable experience. Thank you so much for all your kind hospitality. I cannot wait to come back here again. Karen

Perfect place to be. Joa -Suisse

To Rama and all the lovely staff, cheerful staff. I had a wonderful time at your place, the lovely food, your gorgeous baby to play with and the restful atmosphere coupled with the daily yoga practice, swim and sunbathing. I would love to return in a year’s time. Thea

Dear Lotus family, I have had such a wonderful stay with you. I feel I have become a member of a very groovy group of people. I can’t wait to come again next year. I will miss you all until then. Thank you for your excellent service and friendship on this magical piece of earth. Full power to the sea. Augusta - USA

Friends at Lotus. Thank you for a wonderful few days in your piece of paradise. The food, yoga, hut and especially the company were just great. Marie

Have got to leave this wonderful place, wonderful people and great backgammon games. Will miss everybody and oh and my lovely hut. I felt as though I was in the film out of Africa. Just loved everything. Many thanks to you all. Tricia

Many thanks to all of you for giving me so many unforgettable moments in this paradise. Dani

I feel sad to say bye to all of you which is the best sign that I’ve had a special time. Thank you for your kindness, the support and the good food. I’ll keep the memories in my heart and hope to see you all again. Nick

Dear Lotus family,
Thank you very much for all your hospitality, it has felt most like home out of everywhere I’ve been on my adventure around India. You’re a fantastic team of people, so interesting and so many questions to ask you. The food, the drinks, the gorgeous boys, the life changing yoga curtosy of Power Ranger Pem ‘full power’. It’s all been a wonderful experience. Hope to see you all again soon. Oooohmmm Shanti (said in a loud, deep voice) Claire

You are onto a good thing here. Thank you for everything. Alice

Dear All. Thank you all so much for such an amazing holiday…lazy days in the hammock, sunset swims, awesome yoga, fab food and fun nights of shithead. I have had the most relaxing two weeks ever! I won’t forget this place any time soon or it’s amazing staff.  As Power Ranger Pem would say. I leave here with an open heart, quiet mind, heading forward full power to the sea! Shanti Shanti. Odette - New Zealand

Dear Lotus Family.
Thank you so much for creating this welcoming and personal environment here at Lotus. I was only here for a week but it left a huge impression on my trip. Lotus is such a special place thanks to all your love and efforts. Salomé

Thank you so much for this beautiful, nourishing time. Not only the yoga, good food, also your heartful being was a pleasure to experience. Tina




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